Vivint vs. ADT

September 07,2019
Vivint vs. ADT

In this home security comparison, we take a close look at two of the oldest and well-known home security companies in the United States. Vivint, which has been in business for decades, has cultivated a stellar reputation for their custom-designed home security equipment, all of which is designed and manufactured by the company in-house.

ADT, on the other hand, is so well-known for a reason: ADT offers professional installation, a customizable home security system, and an easy-to-use smartphone application with the flexibility to move your home’s security system to a new house if you move.


Both companies receive very high grades in the installation category for their hassle-free approach to the process. Vivint offers completely free, professional installation services to all of their customers, a great value. ADT also offers free, professional installation for most of their monitored home security plans.

Security Equipment

When it comes to the quality of monitored home security equipment, Vivint has no real competitors. Vivint is the only company to design and manufacture all of their equipment in-house, which gives the company an unparalleled amount of control over how their system works. In addition, their customers can be sure that they are purchasing the most cutting-edge equipment available to any homeowners in the United States.

ADT also offers their customers excellent monitored security equipment, and are among the top-rated companies in this category. ADT really thrives with their smartphone application, which provides their customers with an unmatched amount of control over their home’s security system and home automation setup.

Monitoring Service

Both companies get high marks for their home monitoring services, and both companies provide their customers with the ability to monitor their home through video monitoring, using just their smartphones. While both of ADT’s entry-level packages must be connected through a landline connection, their higher-end packages allow users to use cellular signals for the monitoring equipment.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, both companies receive relatively low grades and are ranked at the low end of this category. Vivint has a long history of poor customer service and, because their employees are paid on commission, has a reputation for aggressive sales tactics at every stage of the customer service process. While ADT receives somewhat higher marks in this category, the company has its own problems with customer service.

Home Automation

Home automation is where both companies really excel. Vivint offers the widest array of home automation options of any company on the market, and is the perfect choice for customers interested in emerging technology and smart home setup. However, it is important to note that ADT is no slouch and offers a wide range of home automation options as well.


Both companies also receive relatively low marks for their cost ranges. ADT is significantly more expensive than the company’s competitors and is able to charge higher rates largely because of their name recognition. In addition, Vivint offers flexible payment options, but this benefit comes paired with a high monthly rate and incredibly long contract terms.

The Winner Is....

This side-by-side comparison was one of the most difficult comparisons to judge, with both companies receiving similar grades. However, ADT takes a slight advantage of their superior customer service experience and flexibility for moving homeowners.

While ADT may have a slight advantage, both companies are excellent options for any residential homeowner.

To learn how to protect your home and family, read our in-depth guide on selecting a home security system, as well as our review of the best home security systems.

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