Simplisafe vs ADT

September 07,2019
Simplisafe vs ADT

Both ADT and SimpliSafe are respected home security systems that protect the homes and property of millions of Americans day and night. Each of these systems comes with varying type of features, each one suited to the needs of a particular individual. With so many factors to look at, including the ease of installation, hardware options, and costs to name a few, it becomes quite difficult to pick the right security system for your home.

Read on to find out who wins the battle.


ADT and SimpliSafe are at the opposite ends of the spectrum as far as installation is concerned. ADT only offers professional install services, meaning that you cannot install the system by yourself.

On the other hand, SimpliSafe is a self-install system and no professional installation services are provided.

Expect to pay between $99 and $199 as installation charges for ADT, depending on your chosen package. No installation charges need to be paid for SimpliSafe as you are required to do it yourself (DIY). The installation is extremely easy – all you have to do is plug and play because all equipment comes pre-programmed.

Security Equipment

ADT offers equipment from various hardware manufacturers, including Pulse, General Electric, and Honeywell.

SimpliSafe offers plain-white proprietary equipment with the SimpliSafe logo. The equipment is very reliable and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Monitoring Services

When purchasing ADT, you get to choose from landline or cellular monitoring. There is no doubt that cellular monitoring is much more reliable than landline alternatives. However, it's also expensive (Landline starts from $36.99 per month, cellular $42.99 per month.

SimpliSafe only offers cellular monitoring, which is done from their remote monitoring station located at Amcest, New Jersey. They are also the only company to offer a security system without a monitoring option (their $0/month option), which has clear implications for the reliability of your system, but could be a very budget-friendly option.

Customer Service

Both SimpliSafe and ADT are almost equal when it comes to customer services. If you choose ADT, you will naturally have to interact more with the customer service because professionals will visit your home to install the system, and if you opt for the landline monitoring version, you MAY have more issues with the system as compared to a cellular version.

SimpliSafe has received decent reviews on customer service. If you have any problems during installation, help is just a phone call away.


There are some major differences in the costs associated with each system. For the cheapest package at ADT, you will have to pay just $99 for installation with no activation charges.

There on, the monthly rates start from around $36.99 for landline monitoring to $42.99 for cellular. Even though you save quite a big chunk on equipment costs (you get $899 worth of equipment), you will eventually be paying more in the long term due to higher monthly rates. You also have to sign a 3-year contract.

As for SimpliSafe, you will be required to pay $239 for the basic package. However, the monthly rate starts from as low as $19.99, so you will actually be paying less in the long run.

Another excellent thing about SimpliSafe is that it doesn't bind you in any contract. You're free to terminate the service without any charges too!

The Winner Is...

Overall, ADT wins over SimpliSafe because of their proven track record in terms of reliability and no activation charges. However, if you do not wish to be bound by a contract, SimpliSafe is also a good option.

For more details, read ADT Reviews and SimpliSafe Reviews.

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Do you already have a Simplisafe or ADT Security System? What are your experiences with it?



ADT was recommended to us and we got it through USAA. We've had it for a long time and it's been excellent service so far. Our interactions with their reps have mostly been about forgetting to disarm the system, but their response has always been very good. We're a very satisfied customer.

I live in an affluent community and many of the homes are protected by ADT as burglaries increase. Our ADT package includes protection for our windows and all of the doors, motion sensors on the inside, and smoke and fire detection. However, I've had a lot of problems in the beginning. Within the first month, the motion detector in my first wall had to be replaced. I should have had at least a year's guarantee but didn't. And then, all the batteries started to go within the first year. Finally, I bought my own batteries and started to replace them, but I had problems with the sensors in my windows because when I took them apart to replace the batteries, I screwed that up. So, I had to pay for the service calls. Finally, I got the insurance package so that service calls would be applied.

A couple of years went by and then suddenly when the weather started to catch cooler, my heater goes on usually around 5:00 AM and would start to set the alarm off. This went on for several months. By then, I had the insurance for the service calls so different guys came out, worked and they replaced all kinds of things all through the house.

Finally, they traced it to sloppy wiring by ADT in my cellar. The wires weren't attached up against the beam and were resting against the heating pipe. And apparently, the heat from the heating pipe for our hot water system melted the insulation and when the heat would come up, the wires would get together and set off the alarm. That took almost six months to find so I was very disappointed.

But the ladies in the central office were terrific and knowledgeable any time they contacted me. They have tried to help me shut down and restore the system because the alarm noise was intense. And if they didn't get me at the house, they got me on my cell phone. Now that the system is very stable, I'm very pleased with it. I'd be happy to recommend ADT to anyone but would tell these people to make sure they inspect the wiring before they let the installers leave.

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