Simplisafe Monitoring Plans

June 24,2019
Simplisafe Monitoring Plans

Simplisafe has consistently been rated by The Home Security Experts as one of the top monitored home security companies in the country, with a sterling reputation for their customer service, security system quality, and their low-cost service. That's why we recommend Simplisafe as one of the best home security companies for homeowners.

One of the best things about Simplisafe is the ease of setup of any of their security systems. They are designed for DIY installation, meaning that you can easily install the security system package of your choice, while avoiding the need to pay a professional or Simplisafe for installation fees. Another benefit associated with Simplisafe that has had customers raving is the fact that the company offers low-cost security packages without a contract, making this the perfect company for customers interested in flexibility and uninterested in signing a long-term, rigid contract.

Despite Simplisafe's no-contract plan setup, they offer a surprisingly cheap entry level home security package, starting at just $14.99 a month. This surprisingly low Simplisafe cost is very competitive compared to other service offerings. This low price, combined with the ability to cancel your contract at any time, makes Simplisafe one of the most attractive options out there.

However, one drawback of Simplisafe's home security plans is the comparatively high equipment and setup cost that Simplisafe charges. You can expect to pay from $250 to $500 in upfront costs should you decide to work with Simplisafe for your home security.

Simplisafe Packages

Simplisafe offers a fairly large variety of plan options, which can be confusing for consumers who have never purchased a home security system before. Read on for an in-depth explanation of the different security plans offered by the company.

Starter Package

Simplisafe's entry-level package, the Starter Package, comes with just the basics and leaves the luxury accessories at the door. This subscription level comes with a control panel, motion sensor, wireless keyboard, and entry sensor, providing a homeowner with everything needed to start protecting your home.

Economy Package

Just one step up from the Starter Package, the Economy Package adds on two extra sensors that can be used to guard exterior doors or windows, a particularly great option for family's with children.

Classic Package

This package is quite a step up from the previous two levels, offering a larger array of accessories to help protect your home. The Classic Package comes with a siren and smoke detector for emergencies, as well as three additional sensors.

Ultimate Package

The top-of-the-line service plan offered by Simplisafe, the Ultimate Package has everything that you need to secure your home. It includes all of the components found on the entry level package, and comes with a carbon monoxide detector, panic button, freeze sensor, and water sensor.

To learn more about Simplisafe and the quality of their home security offerings, read our in-depth Simplisafe Security review, as well as our comprehensive guide on selecting a home security company.

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