Simplisafe Competitors

September 07,2019
Simplisafe Competitors

Simplisafe has frequently been rated one of The Home Security Experts top monitored security companies for several years. They are known for their no contract approach to home security, which is popular with both renters and homeowners who value flexibility. In addition, the company offers an easy, DIY installation process and a security system that comes with low monthly fees.

The company also offers a fantastic relocation package that makes moving your home security system a breeze, and convenient text message and email alerts about anomalies that occur at your house when you aren't home. Lastly, the company's 60-day money back guarantee is incredibly popular with consumers who have a "try before you buy" approach to selecting their home security system.

However, despite the many benefits associated with Simplisafe's customer service and security offerings, there are some customers who would like to explore alternatives to Simplisafe. This article will provide you with a breakdown of the top Simplisave competitors out there.

Simplisafe Competitors

1. Frontpoint Security

One of the most highly-rated companies reviewed today, Frontpoint security has a sterling reputation for their cutting-edge technology and wireless home security systems, which allow you to monitor your home from your cell phone or tablet, no matter where in the world you are. Additionally, the broadband and cellular system provides excellent protection against technologically-savvy criminals who frequently cut the wires to landline-based home security systems.

In addition, Frontpoint Security is also highly respected and valued for its fantastic customer service team, which have received incredibly high marks from customers across the country. The Home Security Systems were so impressed with Frontpoint's services that we completed a frontpoint security review of their home security offerings.

2. LiveWatch Security

LiveWatch Security is another very popular service provider in the residential home security market. This great Simplisave alternative was previously called SafeMart, and has been providing high-quality home security services for decades. LiveWatch is known for its outstanding customer service experience and the excellent performance of their security monitoring equipment in the field. In addition, their home security systems are specifically designed and configured to work seamlessly with home automation systems, which is quite rare in the field.

LiveWatch's home security systems are also renowned for their ease of installation, which can reportedly be completed in minutes without hassle. The company also provides a custom built iPhone and Android app designed to work effortlessly with the security system. While their services are comparable to those found in Frontpoint and Protect America's packages, their slightly higher price point does reduce the company's ranking somewhat.

Read through our LiveWatch Security review to learn more.

3. Protect America

One of the most popular and beloved home security systems in the United States, Protect America is a wonderful alternative to Simplisafe. Offering one of the most comprehensive and reasonably priced home security packages on the market, Protect America is an excellent choice for a cost-conscious homeowner. One of the primary benefits associated with signing up for Protect America is the fact that the company does not charge a dime for installation or equipment costs, eliminating the upfront costs associated with many Simplisave competitors.

In addition, Protect America offers a lifetime warranty for all of their equipment, providing you with savings and peace of mind over the life of your contract. Lastly, Protect America's only major disadvantage is that the company's entry level packages come with landline monitoring, which is susceptible to damage by thieves. Upgrading to a wireless or cellular option is quite expensive as well.

Read out in-depth Protect America review for more information.

To learn more about how a home security system can help protect your home, read our in-depth guide on selecting a home security system, as well as our review of the top home security systems.

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