LiveWatch vs ADT

September 07,2019
LiveWatch vs ADT

Are you confused and unsure about choosing between LiveWatch and ADT for your home security needs? We don't blame you. There are many things to compare, and it is easy to get confused. To make everything less confusing for you, we have put together a comparison between LiveWatch and ADT, highlighting our experience with each of these services.


LiveWatch only provides wireless monitoring services, while ADT provides both wireless and landline options. This affects the types of installation offered by the two companies.

LiveWatch, for instance, ships the equipment to the customer with a comprehensive self-install guide to help the customers install it on their own. No professional installation services are provided. We found that installing the system is a breeze, and it will take no more than 30 minutes to get the entire thing up and running.

ADT only provides professional installation services, and charge a fee for that. You cannot install the system on your own.

Security Equipment

LiveWatch offers high quality equipment from a number of renowned manufacturers, including Honeywell, GE Security, Ademco and Visonic. Equipment charges are as low as $99.

ADT offers a number of options too with regards to equipment manufacturers, including General Electric, Pulse, and Honeywell.

Monitoring Services

LiveWatch has three independent monitoring stations located across the country. This provides redundancy in case any one station goes done.

ADT provides cellular and landline based monitoring services. Cellular monitoring is almost always a more reliable option and you should choose the same, unless you live in an area where no cellular coverage is available. You can learn more about Wired Home Security System if you're unsure which one to go for.

Nevertheless, in terms of reliability of monitoring services, we found both companies to be equal.

Customer Service

There is a stark difference in customer service provided by these two companies. LiveWatch's customer service is much better than what you could get from ADT, which is quite surprising keeping in mind that ADT has been around for much longer.

You can safely bet on LiveWatch when it comes to customer service.


For the most basic package by LiveWatch, you will initially have to pay $99 for equipment and $19.95 for activation. Basic monitoring costs $29.95 a month from there on, with the higher-priced packages going up to $49.95. If you are a renter, you might like LiveWatch's 1-year contract and easy cancellation policies. In the long run, LiveWatch will be much easier on your wallet!

ADT doesn't charge any activation charges; however, you will be required to pay between $99 and $199 for installation, depending on the type of package you choose. Their monthly rates are also higher, starting from $36.99 for landline packages and from $42.99 for cellular monitoring packages.

Therefore, in the long run, LiveWatch will definitely save you a lot of bucks.

The Winner Is...

Overall, LiveWatch wins over ADT because of its excellent customer service. However, ADT is a good option for those who live in an area where cellular coverage is weak or nonexistent.

For more details, read our detailed LiveWatch reviews and ADT reviews to help you make the right decision in choosing a home security system.

Want to learn more about which security system is the best for you? Check out our article: What Is The Best Home Security System.


Do you already have a LiveWatch or ADT Security System? What are your experiences with it?

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