Home Security Systems for Renters

June 19,2019
Home Security Systems for Renters

If you are renting a house or an apartment, do you really need a home security system? The obvious answer is, yes. Burglars do not make any distinction whether the property you live in is owned or rented by you. As long as you want to protect your loved ones and your valuables, a home security system is more of a necessity than a luxury.  

Unfortunately, renters face a lot of issues when it comes to installing home security systems in the house or apartment they occupy. First of all, many landlords do not allow any kind of drilling or ‘permanent’ installation of traditional home security systems, especially those that require extensive wiring.

Secondly, many home security companies will not install their systems in a place that is rented. This is primarily because they believe renters are much more likely to cancel the contracts when they move out.

On the other hand, those home security companies that do offer their services to renters tend to offer contracts for extended periods that are simply impractical.

At the end of the day, you have to carefully evaluate your needs and choose a system that meets your particular needs as a renter.

DIY Home Security Options for Renters

We discussed how renters face problems when a security system requires drilling. This makes wireless, cellular based security systems the most feasible option for them. Many home security system providers offer DIY wireless, cellular-based security systems that seem to be an ideal option for renters.

These systems do not require any drilling, wiring or landline to connect to the various sensors placed throughout the property or to connect to the monitoring station.
A wireless home security system also offers the following benefits:

  • Easy, affordable installation – A traditional wired security system requires a lot of drilling through the sheetrock because the cables need to be run through the walls. Contrary to this, a wireless system connects all the components without any wires at all and is usually very easy to install yourself. Security system providers offer guidelines and many of them even walk their customers through the entire installation process, which typically takes 20-30 minutes depending on the scope of the system.
  • Clutter-free system – Individual sensors that make up the entire security system connect to the control panel independently and communicate wirelessly. Hence, as previously mentioned, this is why not only the installation is easier, but also prevents wiring-related hassles.
  • Easy troubleshooting – Troubleshooting is very easy. Almost all problems can be solved remotely from the monitoring center or the support center of the security company can guide you through the steps to fix any problems. There is no need for a technician to visit your place, unless a sensor starts malfunctioning, which is rare, and those sensors can be replaced just as easily as when you installed it in the first place.
  • High portability – The control panel and the sensors do not have to be 'permanently' installed on the wall or doors or windows through nails or any other sort of permanent fixture. In fact, many of the security systems come with stickers at the back of the sensors and the control panel. This way, you can simply peel away the sticker and stick the device to the surfaces. If a renter decides to move out, he or she can simply detach the devices and sensors and take it with them, without leaving a trace.

Three Best Security System Options for Renters

1.      Best Professionally-Monitored Security System – FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint Security is an excellent option when it comes to a professionally-monitored system. If you have rented a property, and want a security company that keeps a constant surveillance of your home, then FrontPoint Security is a great option.

With the wireless systems from FrontPoint Security (they have only wireless options), no drilling is required and you can save a lot of money by installing the system yourself. The installation itself is very easy and you will get all the help you need from FrontPoint staff over the phone. You have many options when it comes to choosing which sensors you want to install, from the very basic door and window sensors to smoke sensors and even video monitoring systems – all without any screws or wires.

The contract length is 36 months.

This system is based on cellular technology, so if you don't have a landline, there is nothing to worry about. You do not have to pay any upfront costs or sign any contracts. Expect to pay anywhere from $35 to $55 a month, depending on which service you choose.

Read more about FrontPoint Security in our extended FrontPoint Security Review.

2.     Best Part-Time Security System – Simplisafe

The first thing that might have come to your mind would be: who needs a part-time security system? Well, first of all you need to understand what this system is. A part-time system allows you to switch between continuous professional monitoring and a local alarm. It's an ideal option for professionals or individuals who are normally on the go. Say, if you live somewhere where the neighborhood watch is simply too good and neighbors come to help, you can have the professional monitoring switched to local alarm only.

The benefit? You pay less than what you would otherwise have to for a full-time monitoring company.

Simplisafe offers a 60-day trial period and you are not required to sign any contracts to get their service. This means that you can try their professional monitoring service for a few months, and if you feel you do not need it, switch to local alarm, and save on your monthly payments.

Then again, with no drilling required and a cellular based network, you have the peace of mind regarding the installation as well as the reliability of the system. No more arguments with the landlord. When you move out, you take your equipment without leaving a trace.

Read more about SimpliSafe in our extended SimpliSafe Review.

3.     Best Budget-Friendly Security System – Protect America

Protect America is an excellent option for renters as it can be installed quickly and easily without any need for drilling, thanks to its wireless functionality. You can also get a free relocation kit when you place the order, so you can take the system with you when you have to move out.

The contract length is 36 months.

Protect America is also among one of the cheapest full-fledged security systems that also provide monitoring services. Free equipment provided by the company really adds value to the overall package.

Read more about Protect America in our extensive Protect America Review.


As a renter, the main considerations in choosing a security system are ease of installation, duration of contract and portability of system. There are so many security companies out there that have started to introduce wireless systems that require little or no wiring, and this goes in your favor. There might be some features, such as extensive home automation, that may require wiring, and if you're not allowed to do so by your landlord, you will have to skip on those.

Apart from that, you have many options to consider that can keep you and your loved ones safe from any break-ins.
To learn more about recommended home security systems, read our comprehensive review about The Best Home Security System.

To learn more about recommended home security systems, read our comprehensive review about The Best Home Security System.


Are you renter and have a home security systems? What are your experiences?

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