FrontPoint vs ADT

September 07,2019
FrontPoint vs ADT

Are you confused about choosing between FrontPoint and ADT? With so many features and pricing plans available, it can be extremely difficult to choose the right home security system. However, you should always determine what your needs are before you settle for a particular service.

In this comparison between FrontPoint and ADT, we will highlight some key features and differences between the two to help selection easier for you.


As far as installation is concerned, FrontPoint and ADT are miles apart.

FrontPoint is a DIY system that comes with pre-configured devices. All you have to do is attach the sensors and the control panel where they are supposed to go, and fire up the system after getting it activated. If you need any help, you can call FrontPoint's helpline and they will guide you through the installation.

On the other hand, ADT only offers professional installation services. A technician will come in to your house and install the system for you – you cannot do it yourself. This might be good for those who wish to avoid handling the installation process.

There is a cost advantage, however. With FrontPoint, you save money by doing the installing yourself, while you should expect to pay between $99 and $199 as installation charges with ADT.

Security Equipment

FrontPoint provides General Electric equipment, whereas ADT offers a number of options with regards to equipment manufacturers, including General Electric, Pulse, and Honeywell.

There is not much of a difference here, because the FrontPoint's General Electric equipment is reliable enough.

Monitoring Services

FrontPoint's Rapid Response monitoring station provides round-the-clock monitoring services. They offer a number of options for monitoring the system's activity at your home. This is a cellular-only monitoring service, which is much more reliable than other types of monitoring methods

With ADT, you get the chance to select between wired home security system and cellular monitoring. Unless you live in an area where there is no cellular coverage, it is recommended that you go for cellular monitoring as it is more reliable.

Another important thing, ADT can detect inform fire department and police in case of emergencies, whereas FrontPoint can alert all three: police, fire, and medical services.

Customer Service

FrontPoint is renowned for its customer service. We have been unable to find any service whose customer service was on par with that of FrontPoint's. You will find the customer service representatives to be extremely responsive and friendly.

ADT's customer service is decent. You will need to interact more with them as compared to FrontPoint, because of their professional installation service where a technician is required to come to your place to install the system.


If you go for FrontPoint, you will need to pay $99 for activation, which also includes the charges for equipment. Their monthly rates start at $34.99 per month for their lowest package and you are required to sign a contract for 36 months.

ADT doesn't charge any activation charges; however, you will be required to pay between $99 and $199 for installation, depending on the type of package you choose. Their monthly rates are also higher, starting from $36.99 for landline packages and from $42.99 for cellular monitoring packages. The minimum contract length is the same as FrontPoint.

The Winner Is...

Overall, FrontPoint wins over ADT because of their exceptional customer service and ease of installation. However, if you live at a place where you're forced to use landline monitoring for one reason or another, ADT is also a good option.

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Do you already have a FrontPoint or ADT Security System? What are your experiences with it?


I had been in the process of relocating to El Paso, TX. I was visited by a fantastic Sales Representative that is an Associate for ADT in this fine City. She introduced herself as Melissa from ADT, and I was simply elated that she took her time to stop by and introduce me to the ADT Services offered. Now with ADT being a reputable Company, I was looking to get the service, but I didn't know they literally made 'house calls'. So now I find myself in my driveway speaking to the most Professional ADT Rep I could have ever asked to install my service. I am not sure if I should reveal her name, but let's just call her Melissa **... What a perfect asset in the ADT Company.

Let's see what adjectives I can think of off hand... Professional, Knowledgeable, Dedicated... to her Company and the Customer, alas, the Right Personality to work in this field. She made me feel the comfort level the System could provide. Please acknowledge this fine young lady as a tremendous asset to the ADT Team in El Paso, and to this very satisfied Customer.

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