AT&T Digital Life vs. ADT

September 07,2019
AT&T Digital Life vs. ADT

While ADT is one of the oldest and most well-known companies in the home security field, AT&T Digital Life is a newcomer with just a few years of operations under the company’s belt. ADT has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best home security companies on the market, while AT&T is still in its infancy and is working out some of the kinks, while still providing a top-notch home security experience.

Read on to learn more about the similarities and differences between the two companies, and to learn which company comes out on top.


One of the primary benefits associated with working with both ADT and AT&T Digital Life is the ability to have a professional install your home security system, an option that is not available with many of their competitors. This option is a hassle-free alternative to companies that require you to install a complicated home security system on your own, with little more than an instructional pamphlet for assistance.

ADT offers several service options, and many of their high-end service plans come with the installation included, meaning that you are not required to pay any installation fees out of pocket. AT&T, on the other hand, does not charge installation costs for any of their home security plans, a great benefit that sets this company apart.

Security Equipment

ADT is well known for the quality of their equipment and their technological advancements in the home security field. The company’s equipment allows you to arm and disarm the system remotely,

Monitoring Service

Both companies provide an excellent monitoring service to their customers, with the ability to upgrade to video monitoring for an additional fee. ADT has worked for decades to establish a reputation for quality home security. With AT&T, however, reviews have been positive but there is simply not enough time to draw a conclusion on the long-term quality of their monitoring equipment.

Customer Service

One of the benefits associated with AT&T, which is not offered by any of their competitors, is the option to have an installation professional come out to your home for a free consultation prior to signing a contract. This person will spend up to an hour with you going over your home’s vulnerabilities, how you can secure those weak spots, and what security system best fits your needs. However, while customers have raved about this in-home consultation offering, AT&T continues to struggle with their reputation for poor customer service.

Home Automation

When it comes to home automation, ADT is by far the best option. ADT is well known for their technologically advanced equipment and their integrated home automation capabilities, which allow you to control the alarm system, thermostat, and even light controls all from your smartphone.

AT&T, on the other hand, does offer home automation capabilities in all of their products, with a highly rated smartphone application that makes controlling your smart home a breeze.


When it comes to setup and monthly costs, both companies are on the high end. These are certainly not budget options. You can expect to pay $29.99 and up for a basic home security plan, and plans with advanced features such as video monitoring will cost more.

The Winner Is....

While AT&T is quickly making a name for themselves in the home security market, ADT is still the winner in this faceoff by quite a wide margin. The company has spent decades cultivating a reputation for their quality equipment, customer service, and technological advancements. While AT&T does have some wonderful qualities, ADT offers the better overall service for your money.

To learn how to protect your home and family, read our in-depth guide on selecting a home security system, as well as our review of the best home security systems.

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