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The Home Security Experts is an independent review and comparison website dedicated to consolidating information in order to provide consumers with practical information, guides and comparisons about home security systems—and about how to secure your home in general.

We conduct unbiased reviews. The rankings of home security systems presented on our website are based solely on the following criteria:

  • Technology & Equipment: Is the company up-to-date with the technology of the industry? What features does the system have? What is the equipment available
  • Installation: How easy is the installation?
  • Reliability: How reliable is the system? What do customers say? Customer Service: Is the customer support available 24/7, do they help quickly, are they friendly? What do customers say about the customer service?
  • Home Automation: Does the system also offer home automation? Is it up to date with newest technology?
  • Overall / Value for Money: Overall, which needs are best covered by the system? What do you get for the price you are paying? Is it a long-term or short-term contract?

This information is compiled by a network of experts as well customers. A core team consolidates the information and publishes the articles.

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The unbiased systems evaluations presented by The Home Security Experts are based on in-depth research. Our web content is comprised of professional security system reviews and comparisons, and our expert editors are paid to provide impartial assessments of a broad variety of products, systems, and services. Our website offers only the judgments and opinions of the Home Security Experts, as we remain independently owned and operated.

No provider, manufacturer, or company remits payment to The Home Security Experts.


The Home Security Experts never pay consumers for a review: the reviews posted here reflect only legitimate feedback from home security customers, former and current. If a customer participates in a review, they may earn a chance to be entered into a contest, where winners are selected randomly.

A customer's review is not analyzed and selected based on its positive or negative evaluation; instead, we publish a customer's original assessment, with no editing on our part. We do reserve the right to exclude a certain review based on inappropriate language or due to ineffective or irrelevant content.

FTC guidelines require that we note the following disclaimer regarding any use of consumer endorsements and testimonials in advertising:

Testimonials appearing here are submitted by consumers via various channels, including text, audio and/or video. The wording reflects only that individual's experience, and present to web content readers real-life experiences of a person who has actually used the products and/or services in some fashion. These results are indeed related to an individual and logically, results may vary; the Home Security Experts never claims that any results posted are typical for any and all consumer experiences. In other words, one person's experience may not match another's: the testimonials posted on the website, then, are not representative of all customers who may buy and use our products and/or services.

The Home Security Experts is not responsible for any of the posted opinions or comments. In fact, testimonials we post here (retrieved via text, audio and/or video) are always transferred in their original form. The Home Security Experts posts the reviewers' viewpoints and does not share the opinions, views or commentary of any testimonials on this site.

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