What is the best motion detector camera?

March 12,2019
What is the best motion detector camera?

For savvy homeowners interested in home security and protecting their valuables and loved ones, a motion activated security camera is a must-have component of their overall home security systems. Motion cameras work by activating whenever the sensor on the camera detects motion within the device's field of vision. These devices are extremely helpful because they can help you identify the suspect behind a robbery or burglary, and provide a vital set of clues for detectives to use when tracking down your valuables.

While there are a wide array of options on the market for homeowners interested in purchasing a motion camera, there are two primary types of security cameras that you should know about: the indoor and outdoor camera. Cameras are available for purchase as stand-alone units, where you are responsible for installing the camera and monitoring its feed. In addition, the country's top security monitoring companies typically offer motion security cameras as options on their security packages. When purchasing a camera, make sure to select a model that is built for the environment you intend to install it in.

Camera Features

Motion Detection

One of the single most important features found on home security cameras is the option to enable a motion detection and notification mode. When your camera is placed into this mode, you will be notified via text every time your camera detects motion inside of your home. Once notified of the potential threat, you can access your camera's feed to check on your home and to ensure that no unwanted guests are present.


Resolution is another key factor that you must take into consideration when purchasing a home security camera. A low resolution camera can be almost as useless as no camera if you are unable to make out the face of your burglar or are unable to determine any other identifiable details.

Field of Vision

Field of Vision can become incredibly important at T-junctures in your home, where you camera needs to capture the images in an area larger than 90 or so degrees. A camera with an expansive field of vision is perfect for dining rooms, hallway intersections, and even garages.


Does your camera come equipped with the ability to pan towards movement? A camera that is capable of moving itself towards the source of a movement reduces the need for additional cameras in your home security system and can ultimately save you money.

Night Vision

The simple fact is that most burglaries occur at night. If you are sleeping and have the lights in your home out, your camera will be unable to capture images of your burglars in enough detail to assist the police. This is why night vision is such a critical component in home security systems.


Some cameras come equipped with either a microphone, speaker, or both. The microphone allows you to listen in on, and record, conversations between criminals or unwanted guests in your home, while a speaker allows you to speak to them, helping to convince them to vacate your home.

Wireless Capability

Lastly, WiFi capability is a very important feature of any home security system. It allows you to install your camera into your home's existing internet network, and eliminates the presence of any wires that thieves can cut during the course of their crime.

Best Motion Cameras

1. Vimtag 361 HD

Vimtag 361 HD

The Vimtag 361 HD is one of the best entry-level motion cameras available on the market. This camera comes with a wide range of motion, digital zoom capability, and 720p resolution, all for less than $100.

Price: $80


  • Comes with microphone and speaker, which enables user to listen to guests and speak to them.
  • Reasonably priced model with excellent features.
  • Wide range of vision for a motion camera.


  • No major cons.

2. Arlo Wire-Free

Arlo Wire-Free

The Arlo Wire-Free motion camera offers a wonderful wireless alternative to traditional home security cameras. This device, which can be bought for $140 online, has a high-resolution, HD camera that can both record and livestream video to your favorite device. In addition, it's night vision capability is among the best on the market, with clear resolution up to 25 feet from the camera.

Price: $140


  • Excellent night vision resolution and range.
  • Capable of being used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Relatively expensive
  • Does not come with any sound capabilities.

3. Nest Cam

Nest Cam

At nearly $200 a piece, the Nest Cam is one of the most expensive motion security cameras available to consumers today. However, this device really shines when you look at its high resolution capabilities and easy integration with a larger home security system. One of the highlights of this system is the high-zoom capability of the camera (up to x8!), as well as the two-way communication feature found in the camera.

Price: $190


  • Excellent resolution and incredibly wide field of vision for a motion activated security camera.
  • Comes with microphone and speaker, enabling two-way talkback.


  • Does not have the ability to pan towards motion, a severe flaw considering the price of the unit.
  • The most expensive camera reviewed today.

4. ZOSI 960H


The ZOZI 960H is by far the most reasonably priced, yet effective, home motion cameras available to consumers today. The ZOSI 960H costs just under $20 and delivers a large field of vision, excellent night vision capabilities, and is reportedly a very easy-to-install unit. However, the camera does suffer from poor image resolution and does not have the ability to pan towards movement.

Price: $20


  • The most reasonably priced motion sensor camera reviewed today. Perfect for the homeowner on a budget.
  • Excellent night vision capabilities and range.


  • Very poor image resolution.
  • Does not have the ability to pan towards movement.

To learn more about the role of a motion camera in a home security system, as well as how to choose the best security system for your home, read our in-depth guide. Also, check out our review of the best home security systems on the market.

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