Best Home Surveillance System

December 10,2018
Best Home Surveillance System

When it comes to home security, there are two types of systems which, when combined, offer the ultimate protection for residential homes. A monitored home security system with a reputable company is the first and best layer of protection for a homeowner interested in ensuring the safety of their family. A video surveillance system, on the other hand, is the best possible addition to a monitored home security system and will help to close any gaps in your security that may be present.

Home Security System

When it comes to home security systems, there are two major types that you should be aware of: monitored and unmonitored home security systems. An unmonitored security system is the cheapest option, and not suprisingly offers the lowest level of protection. This type of system will sound an alarm if a sensor at a door or window leading into your home is tripped. If this occurs, the alarm will emit a high-pitched siren that you are responsible for hearing and responding to. If you are not home for any reason, the alarm will simply continue to sound until someone arrives and turns it off.

A monitored home security system, on the other hand, includes a contract with a homes security company to monitor the sensors and control panel in your home for problems. If someone attempts to break into your home and trips a sensor, the alarm company will be notified immediately. They will call you to see if you accidentally triggered the alarm or are aware of the situation, and will contact the local police department for you to request that an officer be sent to investigate your home. This type of system does not rely on you being home to work, and offers the best protection of any type of home security system.

Video Surveillance System

A video surveillance system, on the other hand, typically consists of one or more cameras, and possibly a control panel or monitor which allows you to control the cameras independent of a monitored home security system. These cameras, which are typically motion-detecting cameras, will record any events that trigger your alarm for later viewing. However, if these cameras are not linked to a monitored home security plan, you will have to wait until you get home to see if they were triggered.

While these cameras can be useful on their own—they can record key evidence and deter thieves of course—they offer the maximum amount of protection as a part of a larger home security system.

Best Home Surveillance System

1. Amcrest 960H Video Security System

The top offering reviewed today, the Amcrest 960H system is an excellent outdoor surveillance system that comes with night vision capabilities, a 3TB memory that store footage for later viewing, top-rated motion detecting sensors, and the ability to view the footage remotely from your smartphone, providing you with real-time access to a video feed of your home. It is also reportedly easy to install and has an excellent video resolution.

Cost: $188


  • Very easy to install for a layperson.
  • Is reasonably priced and comes with excellent resolution.
  • Night vision capability works very well.
  • Huge amount of storage.


  • Many of the features, such as large storage and high resolution, are simply overkill.

2. Frontpoint Security Surveillance System

The only offering on this list sold directly by a home security company, the Frontpoint security indoor and outdoor surveillance system is an excellent addition to any home monitored by Frontpoint. The camera system integrates flawlessly with Frontpoint's security system, and offers live customer support and live footage of your home from any Android or iPhone.

Cost: $129.99


  • Integrates flawlessly with their monitored home security system.
  • Comes with a smartphone application that can be used to view live-feeds of your home.
  • Very easy to set up.


  • Must pay both activation and monitoring fee for Frontpoint's monitored security plan.

3. Ring Stick Up Security Camera

The Ring Stick Up camera is a wireless-capable outdoor security camera that provides very high-quality video footage and a very fast stream rate over your cell phone. In addition, the night vision capability on this camera works like a charm and the resolution is great no matter what time of the day. Lastly, the Ring also offers a doorbell camera that can be placed at your front door and integrated into this larger system.

Cost: $178


  • Runs completely wirelessly, and can utilize solar power or batteries for power.
  • Works well with most major home security systems.
  • Can sign up for cloud storage for modest monthly fee.


  • Battery drains completely in less than a month of use.
  • Customers have reported several technical problems with the camera's performance.

Read our comprehensive how-to guide on selecting a home security company for more information. Plus, check out our review of the top home security companies.

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