Average Cost of Home Security System

September 07,2019
Average Cost of Home Security System

The home security systems available today are much more advanced than ever before, and come with a wide range of options. This naturally causes large variations in home security system cost that homeowners or renters have to pay. If you are planning to have a home security system installed, it is important to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge of all the components and the associated expenses so that you are in a better position to make the right decision that doesn’t leave a huge dent on your wallet.

An Overview of the Costs Involved

Security Equipment Costs

The major portion of entire cost of a security system is for the equipment of the system itself. If you are starting from scratch, you will have to buy each and every component, including the control panel, all the sensors for doors, windows, motion detectors, smoke detectors, and so on, along with the alarm unit if it does not come built-in to the control panel.

The number of sensors along with their type will also be a major factor in determining the exact pricing.

Installation Costs

You will find that your home security system cost will vary considerably based on how your system is installed. You could be installing the system in a home that is already pre-wired, you could be installing the system by yourself (DIY) or you might have sought professional help for the complete installation.

If installing a hard-wired system by yourself; numerous other costs would have to be taken into consideration related to the tools and supplies that you would need, including the wiring that you will have to install throughout the house from each sensor to the control panel. Contrary to this approach, many DIY wireless systems are supplied with everything that you could need for the installation.

In order to cut costs, people try cutting corners by getting their system installed by a friend who claims to know everything about security systems or attempting to install it yourself when the security system has not been designed for a DIY job. This is highly unadvisable as you can damage your expensive equipment if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Monitoring Costs

While security systems and the monitoring services provided by various companies are interchangeable, you are most likely to save a lot of money by getting the equipment, installation, and monitoring services from the same service provider.

The majority of monitoring companies provide contracts that include troubleshooting, customer support, equipment repairs and even replacement if the need arises.

Many people are quite tempted to opt out of a monitoring service just to save money. They believe a local alarm system is sufficient. But you cannot ignore the fact that with the busy lifestyle of today, gone is the days when people gathered around when a hue-and-cry was raised. A local alarm can only indicate that a break-in has occurred: what is the guarantee that someone will respond, especially if you are not at home?

Additional Costs

Some security system companies charge activation fees, while others don’t. If you do not see a company mentioning ‘no activation fee’, don’t forget to ask them. It is a good idea to clearly ask the sales representative of the company regarding what you should expect to see on the bill. It’s better to know what you will be charged for – these types of surprises are not pleasant at all.

Three Classes of Home Security Systems

1. Affordable Security System -- Protect America

Protect America is one of the cheapest security systems you can get your hands on. It’s a landline-based monitoring system that starts from as low as $19.99 a month. There are no activation charges and the equipment, albeit of a very high quality (General Electric), is provided free of cost by the company, and that too with a lifetime warranty.

It is important to emphasize on the fact that even though Protect America offers some of the cheapest packages, its services are in no way ‘cheap’ in a derogatory sense. We found Protect America to have a decent customer service that continues to improve. The only negative point is that they do not provide cellular monitoring services, which does make the system vulnerable in the case where a landline is physically severed or out of order.

One-Time Cost: NONE (Activation and Equipment FREE)
Recurring Costs: Starting from $19.99 per month

To learn more, read our Protect America Reviews.

2. Average-Priced System -- LiveWatch

LiveWatch is a little pricey as compared to Protect America’s packages, but it’s still average in terms of pricing considering the feature set they offer. It is a cellular-based monitoring system that starts from as low as $19.95. The difference in home security system cost starts when you have to pay an activation fee of the same amount along with an additional $99 as equipment cost.

However, the cost seems to be worth it, mainly because of the excellent reliability of the monitoring system (due to it being cellular-based). The system is extremely easy to install because of their plug-and-protect concept.

The equipment warranty, however, is limited to a period of 2 years, unlike the lifetime warranty provided by GE (Protect America).

One-Time Cost: From$99 for Equipment + $19.95 activation fee
Recurring Costs: Starting from $29.95 per month

To learn more, read our LiveWatch Reviews.

3. A Best Bundle -- FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint Security is truly a luxury variant as it is not exactly cheap, starting from a minimum of $34.99 a month. For the most basic package, an equipment and activation fee worth $99 has to be paid, and the contract for 36 months has to be signed.

However, don’t let the cost be a turn off. FrontPoint Security is among one of the most comprehensive security system providers out there. They provide excellent customer service, easy to install packages, and more customization options compared to other service providers. Home automation services are also available for those who need them, and the company has won several top awards for its outstanding performance.

If you reside in Las Vegas or Henderson in Nevada, you don’t have FrontPoint as your option as they are not licensed to work there. In addition to that, this is a cellular-only service, so if your area has no cellular coverage, this one is not for you.

One-Time Cost: $99 (Activation and Equipment)
Recurring Costs: Startingfrom $34.99 per month

To learn more, read our FrontPoint Security Reviews.


Cost is one aspect when chosing a home security system. Read our comprehensive review to learn whats the best home security system.

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