The 5 Best Home Security Cameras

September 07,2019
Best Home Security Cameras

So you've made that first step and setup your first home security system. Perhaps it is a basic, unmonitored home security system designed to alert you to entry to your home. Or, if you've done your research and read our guides, you have purchased a monitored home security system from a reputable home security company that will monitor your home whether you are in bed, at the office, or on vacation. Fantastic!

However, while a monitored home security system is a great decision, and frankly the only way to ensure a basic level of protection for you and your family, your home's security is simply not complete without a quality home security camera. Check out our guide on the best home security cameras to learn more.

Important Features


A useful feature found on newer and high-quality cameras is the capability to record footage in color. While this does not affect the ability of a camera to deter crime, a color camera with a fairly high resolution will provide the police department with a great deal more detail and information to work with than a black and white camera.

Speaker and Microphone

A microphone can be a useful feature for capturing identifying or useful information about a thief during the course of the crime. In addition, the combination of a speaker and microphone in your home security system will allow you to question any visitors at your front door, and enables the two of you to have a back and forth conversation. These types of cameras are frequently found in secure sites that nonetheless have regular deliveries or visitors on the premise.

Movement Ability

One of the last features discussed today, and perhaps the most important for homeowners who actively monitor their video feeds, is the ability to move a camera from a remote location. Most advanced and high-end cameras offer their customers the ability to both zoom in on specific objects and to pan the camera to either side. For video feeds that are actively monitored, this feature is essential.

While they may seem like an unnecessary of extraordinary purchase, a home security camera is the best way to protect your family and valuables. Check out our security camera reviews to get the information necessary to make your decision.

Best Home Security Cameras

1. Vimtag 361 HD

The Vimtag 361 HD is among the best surveillance cameras available to homeowners today. This device has great features, is very easy to setup, and is a reasonably priced option for homeowners interested in the protection without the hit to their wallets. In addition, the camera has excellent image quality, can record and store footage on an internal micro-storage card, and has a two-way talk capability.

Prices: $99.99


  • Two-way talk capability.
  • Can record footage with an internal, removable storage card.
  • Excellent image quality, especially for the price.
  • Very low cost option.
  • Easy setup and installation.


  • Must be plugged into a power outlet to function.
  • Smartphone application leaves much to be desired.

2. Zmodo PKD-DK4216

The best 4-channel camera system reviewed by The Home Security Experts, the Zmodo PKD-DK4216 is an excellent comprehensive home security camera system. This device comes with four separate cameras that can be used either inside or outside of the home. In addition, the camera will store footage of incidents (times where the camera noticed motion or another sensor went off) for you to view later. In order to view such footage, you need only search the device using the time and date to immediately access the image.

Cost: $149.99


  • Cameras can be positioned either indoors or outdoors.
  • Excellent video quality.
  • Comes stock with a 500GB hard drive, which can be used to store footage of incidents.


  • Does not come with a video monitor, so you must plug in to your smartphone or computer to view the footage.

3. Foscam FI9803P

This Foscam camera came to us highly recommended by customers who have used it in the field. It reportedly has one of the easiest and quickest setups of any camera reviewed today, and the camera can be linked with your smartphone simply by scanning the QR code found on the side of the camera. In addition, you have the option to store your footage either on a cloud storage network or your computer's hard drive. The device also comes with a free trial-period of their cloud network. Lastly, the camera can be used either outdoors or indoors, depending on your individual needs.

Cost: $79.99


  • Can be configured to send email alerts to your phone or computer.
  • Very easy to setup and to link with your smartphone.
  • Comes with custom smartphone application for Android and Apple phones.
  • Can store footage on cloud server or computer hard drive.


  • Is not truly wireless.

4. Lorex LW Series

One of the most important features found on the Lorex LW Series home security system is the monitor, which is conspicuously absent from most other home security cameras. This two-camera system comes with a 7-inch LED monitor with a 32GB SD card slot. In addition, the cameras have night vision capability up to 65 feet and can be placed either indoors or out.

Cost: $349.99


  • One of the best image qualities of any home security camera.
  • Can add on additional cameras to the system with ease.
  • Comes with a LED monitor for easy viewing.


  • Only comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Not very easy to install.
  • Does not offer remote access from your cell phone or computer.

5. Vision Systems SK-DVR-DIY

This all-in-one system contains everything that you could possibly need to monitor your home with a video feed. The eight-channel system comes with a 500GB hard drive, an excellent video quality, and a custom smartphone application that has received high reviewed. In addition, while it comes stock with four cameras, you can add on up to four additional cameras at any time.

Price: $279.99


  • Very high quality video footage.
  • Easy to use smartphone application that allows you to monitor the system on the go.
  • Large, 500GB hard drive comes with package.


  • Installation is not very easy to complete.

Read our comprehensive how-to guide on selecting a home security company for more information. Plus, check out our review of the top home security companies.

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