The 5 Best Wi Fi Baby Monitors

November 21,2018
The 5 Best Wi Fi Baby Monitors

One of the biggest concerns on the mind of any new parent is ensuring the safety and security of their child. This fear becomes especially pronounced at night, when many new parents become hesitant to let their newborn out of their sight. The constant vigilance, at a time when quality sleep is already so precious, can lead to even more of a drain on your energy and sanity. That's why most savvy parents opt to install a baby monitor in their home: these devices let you monitor your young child and get some sleep, all from the comfort of your own bedroom.

So you know that you want to get a great baby monitor system, but do you know how to compare various models to find the best device for your personal needs? The baby monitor market is saturated with models, some of which are great and others that leave much to be desired. This article will help you explore the world of WiFi baby monitors to find the model that suits your family's needs best.

Key Features

Audio vs. Video

One of the most important differences between low-end and high-end baby monitors is whether or not the unit has video capabilities. Many parents have found that audio baby monitors simply do not offer enough access to their children to assuage their fears. Video monitors allow parents to check on their parents visually at any given time.

However, while video is a nice bonus feature that will delight many parents, audio is by far the most important feature on any baby monitor. Audio is what allows you to hear your baby's cries, or even the sound of a stranger interacting with your child.

Movement Sensors

Movement sensors are relatively rare finds on most baby monitors, but they can key tools in helping to protect your children. A movement sensor makes a sound every time there is movement in your child's room. This could be something as benign as the house cat, but could also be a sign that a stranger is in your child's room without your knowledge.

Multiple Monitors

A setup with multiple monitors, one for each parent, can be very convenient if the two of you are often engaged in activities in different rooms, such as a spouse that works late from a home office. If this is the case, you may be well suited to purchase a unit that includes two baby monitors for convenience purposes.


Another important factor is the range of your baby monitors. If you have a large home or an outside recreation area that is used frequently, you will want to make sure to purchase a unit that has an extended radio range. This will allow you to go about your normal life while also being able to monitor the health and safety of your infant.


As surprisingly often overlooked characteristic of baby monitors is whether they have a clear audio signal. Baby monitors with poor audio quality will do little to allow you to determine a problem in your child's room from the signal alone.

WiFi Capability

WiFi capability is an important feature on any baby monitor system. This feature allows you to connect your home's baby monitor to your smartphone or tablet, meaning that you can monitor your child from the couch or office, or even while you are out on the town and want to check in on the babysitter.

Our WiFi Baby Monitor Reviews

1. Vimtag Fujikam 361 HD

Vimtag Fujikam 361 HD

The Vimtag Fujikam 361 HD is one of the top WiFi capable baby monitors on the market today. This surveillance camera is actually designed for normal home security use, but also functions well as a baby monitor. This device has one of the top motion sensors available on any home security camera, and can even be configured to take snapshots of movements at your command. This unit also stores all video and pictures on its removable SD card.

Price: $90


  • Night vision capability with vision out to 30+ feet.
  • Ability to pan towards an object and 4x digital zoom.
  • Comes with built-in microphone and speaker for two-way conversations, which are very convenient features on a WiFi baby monitor.


  • Can only store data on SD card, with no cloud storage option.

2. Gynoii GPW-1025

Gynoii GPW-1025

The Gynoii GPW-1025 WiFi Video Baby Monitor is one of the most reliable and feature-packed models on the market today. This device, which costs just $140 at most retailers, is a WiFi-enabled baby monitor that comes with a handy time-lapse feature, which allows you to quickly see all activity that has occurred in your baby's room while your monitor was off, saving you hours of time every week and providing you with a piece of mind that most monitors simply cannot deliver. This device also comes with a well-built mobile application that is capable of running in the background and providing audio to your children's room while your phone is simultaneously using other applications.

Price: $140


  • The night vision capabilities and a nearly 360 degree pan makes this among the best WiFi baby monitor.
  • Offers sound and motion alerts.
  • Time-lapse video option and social media sharing capabilities makes this a great tool for those who wanted to share with friends and family.


  • Does not come with a battery-powered option for emergencies.
  • Some users report weak and hard-to-hear audio.

3. iBaby Monitor M6

iBaby Monitor M6

One of the most expensive models reviewed today, the iBaby Monitor M6 is a top-of-the-line unit that comes equipped with the ability to conduct a 360 degree pan of the room, all of which can be controlled with your fingertips using your smartphone. In addition, this device also comes with the ability to store videos and pictures on the cloud without a subscription. The Android and Apple apps are also reportedly easy to install and navigate, and have received high marks from consumers.

Price: $180


  • Full 360 degree rotation capability, all from your smartphone.
  • Excellent night vision mode and visibility for a WiFi baby monitor.
  • Comes with built-in motion alerts that can be sent directly to your smartphone.
  • Reportedly very easy to install.


  • No zoom function.
  • Does not come with battery powered mode; useless in the case of a natural disaster where power is lost.

To learn how to select the right home security system for your needs, check out our in-depth guide to selecting a security system and our review of the top home security companies.

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