What's The Best Home Security System?

June 19,2019
Best Home Security System

The importance of choosing the best home security system cannot be overestimated: a well-designed security system provides you with the peace of mind that your loved ones and property are safe from any intrusions.

However, with so many home security systems available in the market, it can become quite complicated for buyers to decide what is the best home security system for their unique needs. We have made it easier to pick the best monitored home system for your situation by conducting independent research on six of the most popular systems available.

Our review will help you make the right choice by highlighting the unique advantages of each of the services and rating them based on a number of factors, including: the quality of technology and equipment they provide, installation services and cost, reliability, customer service, and home automation capabilities for those who love to have more control under their fingertips.

The home security field is always changing as new technologies become more accessible, and especially as the home automation options are becoming more and more a default option in many plans and for much new home security equipment. Companies are always tweaking and updating how their plans are organized, and often change the structure of their available options.

One of the biggest changes in the home security field is AT&T’s takeover of DirecTV and its security component LiveShield. Another big change is that ADT stopped offering its life and health services as part of their home security packages.

First Position: Frontpoint Security

FrontPoint Security has managed to secure first place in the realm of the best home security systems once again. FrontPoint security systems are based on cellular and wireless connections, making them much more reliable than systems that depend on landline connections. The system will continue to operate even if your phone line goes out, and burglars can’t cut a wire to disarm the system. While a few of the other systems we reviewed did provide a decent level of customer service, FrontPoint Security’s customer support is undoubtedly the best. Regardless of whether you send an email or call them, you’re going to get a satisfactory response from them.

We found that FrontPoint Security systems use only the most cutting-edge technology for both their home protection and alarm systems. They use wireless technology in all of their security systems; therefore, if you want maximum reliability and a system that does not depend on a landline, FrontPoint is the way to go. Great customer service, wireless networks, and premium quality hardware are all the reasons that make this number one.

Plus Points of Frontpoint Security

Superb Customer Service – In every communication with Frontpoint Security representatives, we received excellent customer service. Their model is how every security company should respond. Very attentive!

Wireless networks – The use of wireless networks gives Frontpoint security an edge over traditional landline-based systems. No longer do you have to worry about a landline getting severed or otherwise being out of order.

Transparent Pricing – The 30-day money back guarantee is certainly a valuable gesture from Frontpoint Security, as it provides a buyer the opportunity to try out a system, and if  you don’t like it, you can get a full refund!

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Second Position: Link Interactive

Our second-ranked monitored home security company, Link Interactive receives excellent marks for their 30-day money back guarantee, flexible contract options, and ability to monitor your home using both cellular and wireless capabilities. In addition, the company includes fire monitoring in all of their home security plans at no additional charge.

While the company has been in business for more than 60 years as Mountain Alarm, the company has maintained a reputation for excellent customer service, high-quality equipment, and flexible service plans for decades, despite the name change. The also offer some of the best video monitoring equipment of any company on the market today, and particularly well-regarded for their night vision and HD features.

Despite all of the company’s great qualities, what really sets them apart from the competition is the quality and technological advancement of their video monitoring equipment. Link Interactive’s video cameras have some of the best resolution of any stock video camera used in the security industry, and their long-range night vision capabilities are simply unrivalled.

Plus Points of Link Interactive

Excellent Customer Service - The company has had a reputation for outstanding customer service for their entire 60 year history, and this reputation is well-deserved.

Flexible Contract Options - Link Interactive is one of the only mainstream home security companies to offer contract options in 12-, 24-, and 36-month increments, providing their customers with an unheard of degree of flexibility.

High-Quality Equipment - Link Interactive’s video monitoring equipment offers some of the best resolutions found in home security equipment as stock feature. In addition, their long-range night vision capabilities are simply one-of-a-kind.

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Third Position: LiveWatch Security

LiveWatch Security was previously known as SafeMart, and in our trials, it placed as the runner-up due to a combination of good performance, customer service, and quality of equipment. For those users who prefer home automation, LiveWatch is an attractive proposition. We also found the installation of LiveWatch Security system to be a breeze, and we would recommend it for all the DIY users out there.

The Plug-and-Protect concept is really a great addition that sets LiveWatch apart from its competitors. They also provide their own app, which will reduce the chance that you’ll get inconvenienced by a false alarm. If you want a system that packs the punch with decent security features, good customer support, and a quick, easy-to-install system, then LiveWatch Security is a great option for a security system.

We were guided right from the start to the very end and even received a follow-up call to check that everything was in order – a pleasant experience indeed. The only reason LiveWatch landed in second place is because it is slightly more expensive compared to FrontPoint Security’s solutions.

Plus Points of LiveWatch Security

Good Customer Service – The customer service representatives provide guidance in choosing the right system to helping the user install it. If at any point you do get confused, rest assured that someone is going to be there to help you.

Great Reliability – Thanks to the use of wireless networks, LiveWatch Security provides great reliability.  

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Home Security Systems Worth a Mention

Protect America, ADT, Vivint, AT&T, Scout and Simplisafe managed to secure fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth places respectively.These companies feature distinct advantages and disadvantages, and you can study them further if you wish to get more information on them.

Here is our opinion on the companies so that you can have a better idea about their quality of service.

Protect America

Protect America lands in third as a fairly affordable home security system that comes with a decent set of features. One thing we loved about Protect America is that the equipment and setup costs nothing. So if you are looking for a security system but do not want to pay for all the hardware, this may well suit your needs. This perk does require a credit check and a 36-month contract, so it does come with a commitment.

A lifetime warranty is also provided. This means that if any equipment gets damaged during use, Protect America will replace it for free; that is a a great offer in our estimation.

While we found that Protect America offered good customer service, one thing that caused this provider to land in third place is its non-mandatory use of cellular services, meaning that you are not required to use cellular-based networks; instead, you can opt for a landline one. This is particularly true for the low-cost packages; the cellular option is available for a considerable upcharge. We believe this is a huge blow to the reliability; however, unless you are fine with using a landline-based monitoring system, there is nothing wrong with it at all as the system was reliable enough when tested.

Read the full Protect America Review. 


The company sends over experts to take care of the installation, without you having to lift a finger in the process. Apart from this, the company ranks highly in reliability, technology, and equipment that they use, as well as home automation, if you need it. ADT is well known in the field to have no upfront costs whatsoever, including installation and activation on a few of the products. However, ADT landed in fourth place because its customer service was below expectation.

The features that distinguish this company from the competition include live video access, turning on/off lights, various modes that range from sleeping to vacation, locking doors, controlling thermostats, and remote system arming and disarming. The company also uses the ADT Pulse Technology that helps in shutting the garage door from wherever you are. Beyond this, the company offers many products and services like wireless security, video surveillance, energy management, medical alert, to remote access, and flood monitoring. With such options, ADT manages to facilitate all the needs of their clients.

Just like other companies, ADT allows you to watch your house from no matter where you are, even if you happen to be out of town

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Vivint is a long-term player in the residential home security market and the company has developed a reputation for designing and manufacturing all of their home security in-house, giving them an unprecedented amount of control over the equipment’s features and capabilities. In addition, Vivint is also one of the leaders in the home automation market and nearly every single piece of equipment that they sell is equipped to work with an existing home automation system.

Vivint is also well-regarded for their flexible payment plans, allowing customers to spread the cost of the setup and installation fees across the duration of their contract. This can make an otherwise unbearable startup costs doable.

However, while Vivint does have some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry, the company has unfortunately been plagued by its reputation for poor customer service and aggressive sales tactics. While this is unfortunate, many homeowners will ultimately decide that the quality of their security equipment outweighs the hassle of dealing with their customer service team.

Read our full Vivint Review.

AT&T Digital Life

A relative newcomer on the home security scene, AT&T Digital Life offers one of the better security systems for home on the market. There products have already undergone extensive in-field testings and most independent experts agree that their equipment can perform alongside any of their competitors.

One of the most exciting features found on AT&T’s home security equipment is their extensive home automation capabilities, which are among the best in the business. In addition, AT&T offers their customers their highly rated and custom designed smartphone application, which can not only be used to control your home’s security system, but can be configured to control your home’s home automation control panel as well.

While AT&T does have several outstanding features, the company is still relatively new in the home security space and there are serious concerns about their customer service abilities. Many customers have already noted that AT&T Digital Life’s customer service is just as poor as that faced by AT&T’s cell phone and landline customers.

Read our full AT&T Digital Life review here.

Scout Alarm

Scout Alarm, a brand new company founded in 2013 by a disgruntled home security customer interested in providing homeowners with a better experience, is quickly making a name for itself as a provider of low-cost, barebones home security plans that offer extreme flexibility for the modern customer. The company offers no-frills home security plans starting at $19.99 a month, with their most expensive options totaling just $25 a month.

While the company does not offer many of the high-end features and options provided by their competitors, they excel at offering entry-level home security plans with no contract whatsoever. That’s right, Scout’s home security plans all come with no contract and no penalty for cancelling your service!

However, Scout is not a great option for homeowners interested in video monitoring, as the company currently does not offer single video monitoring plan. This may be a dealbreaker for customers interested in the latest technology.

Read our full Scout Alarm review here.


This security company allows for a DIY installation and is highly effective and user friendly. But the one thing that sets it apart from competition is its cost efficiency. They do not tie a customer down with lengthy contracts, which means that you can disconnect services whenever you feel the need to.

The negative point about SimpliSafe is that they have a huge upfront startup fee that hits around $250 to $500. This fee is more than the fees established by the other home security companies; however, this is definitely a one-time cost that proves to be worth it when you consider the amount you will be saving in the long run as opposed to the other companies. They offer three different options for monitoring: their standard $14.99/month plan, an interactive plan for $24.99, or simply no monitoring at all.

Another aspect where SimpliSafe lacks in is the area of new product development. While most of the companies provide a video monitoring system, SimpliSafe still does not offer such a service. They do not even provide home automation.

Read the full Simplisafe Review.



We bought a home that had a security system and we were looking at how to reactivate it. We didn’t want to go with a wired system because we both arrived here with cellphones and didn’t want to hook up a hardwired phone to save the security system. We went looking for a wireless one. I went online looking at who had good security systems and who had bad ones. Protect America was rated highly as far as consumer protection. We used them to reactivate the system in the house. We didn’t want to go with a whole bunch of little sensors all over the windows and doors ‘cause the house is already wired for that. It was a very easy conversion.

I installed the system with a lot of phone connection time from the tech of Protect America. I’m a retired engineer so I’m very comfortable with electrical systems. I could see where a typical homeowner might get a little more apprehensive about doing something like what we did on the phone. But all things considered, it went very smoothly. We ran some tests and had a little bit of trouble debugging it, though. We switched over one more wire and everything came to life beautifully.

I definetely recommend Protect America.

The simplisafe customer service agents were very knowledgeable and very friendly, and answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. I had a little trouble setting it up but when I called the customer service, they walked me through it. Very helpful and courteous on the phone. I was very satisfied with the monitoring capability. Had a nice, crisp, clear picture and / sound quality was very clear as well. When it was set up by head a full View of my front yard. It was a little more expensive than I had anticipated but it was well worth the money and I would recommend it to family and if they are looking for a security monitoring system.

Frontpoint's customer service has been very good. They're happy to answer questions. I use the alarm app and I love it. It's pretty easy to access. I definitely sleep better at night knowing the house is protected. It's been a good experience with Frontpoint.

I used to have a wired security system, but it was getting old and had some issues so I wanted to replace it. While I was searching for a security system, Frontpoint came up. I like their wireless approach. They're much better and I've been with them for a little over a year now. I had zero issues during the installation and it worked well, although I had a few questions afterwards on how to check certain things with the computer and the main application. All those were handled nicely.

Wow - there are just so many home alarm companies to choose from! I had no idea until I started researching just how many options there were and so many new terms to understand - cellular, wireless, smash and grab, keypad! Soooo much to learn before I can decide what to do.

We have a Protect America home security system and love it- have nothing but great things to say about how good their customer service is and how well they keep us protected. Something to keep in mind that not everyone things about is how a monitored home smoke detector is key to ensuring you stay safe as well (in addition to a home alarm system). When you are home it will not only go off, signaling to you and others that there is a potential risk of fire, but also the monitored smoke detector alerts your monitoring service and thus signaling to call for help. When we were away traveling recently we had a false alarm, but luckily ProtectAmerica called me and notified me of the situation so that if there was a fire we would know about it right away versus have to wait until it's potentially too late. We then used our home security camera which we can access via smart phone that we could see into our home while we were gone and see in fact that everything is okay.

This is a great website! I was reading many Reviews on different Websites, your reviews are very valuable and gave me comprehensive Information. Thanks!

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