The Home Security Experts

The Home Security Experts is a network of experts and customers built to share with you information, experiences and reviews about home security systems. A core team of three people manages the site and the information, reviews and articles posted on it. An extended team/network provides expert reviews and insights based on their own testing. This approach guarantees that we always provide the most current information and the most accurate reviews – from real experts, based on broad principles—not just 2 or 3 installations.

Last but not least, the consumer's voice's also important: If you have a home security system and want to share your experience, we are happy to hear from you here.

Our goal is to provide unbiased information about home security and help you protect your loved ones and your belongings.

Our approach is built around

  • A thorough, unbiased review process
  • A merger of expert insights and reviews with real customers' experiences in order to get reliable information
  • An easy-to-read and understand format that helps you make the right decision for your needs

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